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Sky Overlay Bundle - Set 1 & 2 - 140 Skies in Total

Image of Sky Overlay Bundle - Set 1 & 2 - 140 Skies in Total

140 Sky Overlays to use in Photoshop to added depth and colour

Bundle of CMM Sky Overlays 1 & 2.

Use to enhance emotion
Draw viewers eye to the subject with the right sky
Replace an unwanted background with a sky overlay
Download immediately after checkout

You can blend a sky overlay with the current sky in your image, or replace the sky altogether to add a touch of perfection to your images. Regardless of the effect you prefer, we will have the perfect sky overlay for you.

Once you have purchased your sky overlays, you will receive a email with the link to download the digital versions of both Sets of Sky Overlays. The 140 sky overlays are all high resolution, so they can be used easily in any image.

Video Tutorial Link -

Please be advised that as these sky overlays are copyrighted, they cannot be shared with friends or family that have not purchased them for themselves. They may only be used in YOUR OWN photos, or to enhance YOUR customer’s images.